I feel like it's Christmas everyday.

Already get my vintage boots!
Really love the pattern on the leather!
I also get my cardigan (picture next time) and my bracelets!
They are so gorgeouse! Love them!
Take a look (Picture is too bright!Sorry!) :
Love, Alice.

It's like a small Market of my Desires.

Bought this leatherjacket at BLOGIMARKET!
Blogiemarket is a small german "community" of some blogger
who are selling their cloths!
There are some really awesome things!
So take a look at this site:
Bought this jacket for 12€! (H&M)
Really cheap and I'm really excited about it!
Currently I'm really in stress, because I have to help my mother in the
restaurant today and I bet there will be a lot to do!!!!
I wish you a happy new year!
May all your wishes come true, honeys!
Hope you all stay with me in the next year, too!
Love, Alice.

New Year is coming and I will shop till I drop.

I didn't do anything special today, it was really boring...
I usually wanted to go shopping with my sister and my daddy,
but daddy got a lot to do so we didn't.
Me and my sister were really upset about it, because we already finished
with dressing up for shopping bla bla...
My Outfit today:
- Black Cardigan (ZARA)
- Yellow Babydolldress (ZARA)
- Skinny Jeans (ZARA)
- Leoprinted Scarf (ALLERLEI)
- Gloss painted bag (Pimkie)
Most of you all got already the new H&M catalogue!
I think H&m isn't something special, just casual simple clothes,
but always something everybody got or need!
I really love the bikinis this season!
Take a look:
I really love the details on the bikinis like the golden chains and the voulants!
These bright colours aren't something for me...
Something that is really eye-catching is this trouser which are called "Chinos".
Really comfortable and a really nice boyfriendcut!
By the way I order some things from the Shop!
Two pair of shoes and two necklaces!
Take a look at these:
golden Leave-Necklace (2€); golden Crystal-Necklace (2€);
grey Anklebooties (12€); purple-gold Pumps (15€)
So good night everybody!
New Year is coming!!!!
Love, Alice.

When I grow up, I wanna be famous.

Yesterday I signed up to the "Street Stylista Contest"
at the Young-Magazin Website. (http://www.y-style.de/)
And I just looked at the Top 25 and guess what?
I'm currently on the Top!
Every Month the Youngmagazin shows the best Looks of the 25 candidates
and report about them in their magazin.
At the end of the year they prized the best one with something special.
If you guys want to you can vote for me :)
My Nickname is "Addicted"!
The worse thing at this voting is that you have to sign up every month
to compet at it!
So do it every month! xD
Love, Alice.

She's so Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and Trashy.

Lady GaGa!
Love her! I love her music and especially her Style!
I can not describe it but I really like it!
Kinda trashy, kinda crazy.
I think you all know her song "Just Dance".
I loved her outfits at the first time I watched her video!
I really love this picture! The blue blizzard is awesome and i love this
shirt she is wearing! (animalprints anyway)
There is one Look I really love.
The one in the video with the hotpans, tanktop and the glitter bra!
I just found one picture! But I really adore her Look here!
Want this bra too!
Her songs still stuck in my head!
Somebody said once on Lookbook, I looked like her.
(I didn't showed my face on this picture but she ment my look "wonderland")
By the way, i think her album "The Fame" has been released in Germany...?!
I really want this album! Her new songs "Beautiful Dirty Rich" and "Pokerface" are amazing!
What do you guys think about her look?
Her Looks are Inspirations!
More Pictures you can find at her Site: http://www.ladygaga.com/
Love, Alice.

I can not wait for you, my Darling.

Bought this lovely stam bag at Ebay!
And guess what, only for 1,99€!
Love it!
Can't wait for you my Darling!
Love, Alice.

Let's put your Sweater on.

Currently I am really obsessed with sweaters and hoodies!
I love the easy and loosy Style, so comfortable!
This Hoodie here costs 17€!
What do you think about this one?
It's really cute but what the fuck is "Tauel"??? LOL.
15.50€ for this sweater here.
But I know those Asianwear's quality isn't as good as the cloths here.
So I bought just one hoodie (past post with the teddy) and I wanna see
how good the quality & shipping is.
This is a really funny one! Only 20€
Love the big questionmark on the front!
There are other colours also available.
Take a look:
I want to test this "shop" at Ebay first and then I want to show you it.
I hope it isn't a "fake" seller with "fake" clothes.
Those clothes are shipping from China to Germany and I think the
shippingtime will be about 2 weeks...
I like it how cute and a bit luxuriouse they dressed on the pictures!
Love it!
I need some sweater and hoodies, because it's damn cold outside!
Especially here in the mountains! Cold!!!!!
Found a cute one, too!
Looks a bit childish but it's really cute!
What do you think about these sweaters and hoodies?
Love, Alice.

Versace and Agyness Deyn on my picture.

Currently I'm "drawing" a picture on my artclass.
I don't have any themes so i thought I'm going to do some
Fashion/Collage Stuff, as every year.
I chosed a picture of the collection of Versace and the model on this picture is,
as you can see, Agyness Deyn.
I cut her legs and her right arm off and i drew some other things on.
I've chosen some yellow/golden pictures, cut them off and
put them on my pictures!
I really love this picture at the moment! I hope is going to be as I want to!
I really love the hair!
It's hard to see but I'm going to take some pictures the next time!
Here some better pictures of the dress.
I really love it how the dresses were cut!
The print is by an Artist from Berlin, which Versace printed on the dresses.
I can't remeber the name but I really love his painting/collages!
Love, Alice.

Little Miss, crying in her messy Room.

Here I am again!
Yesterday I went to the Seven-Club and I only got 20min to dress up.
I was really upset because I did not found anything to wear!
I just wanted to dress loosy and easy!
Anyhow Seven is not a club were you can dress chic or glamourouse...
And after 10min I've found my old longshirt, which I havn't wore yet.
I thought it was too long so I tie up one end with a hairband and
pulled one side down my shoulder. (do you understand? xD )
I also used a golden necklace as bracelets, my lame leggins and my heels.
- Yellow Longshirt with Print (H&M)
- Black Lame Leggins (Tally Weijl)
- Black and Golden X-Heels (Deichmann)
- Glitter Clutch (Max Factor)
- Golden Necklace use as Bracelet (H&M)
Those pictures are from this morning because yesterday I was too lazy
and tired to took some pictures!
Do you see my dirty room?
I think since school starts (some weeks) I did not tidy up at all... as you can see!
And now we've got holidays!
But I think today I'm gonna clean up everything!
The special thing at this shirt is that I really love the print.
A crying face! But I do not feel like this at all, but kinda funny, isn't it?
Another thing is that this shirt got some pockets at the side.
Can you see it?
On some pictures I put my hands in the pocket but I think its hard to see.
Here some other pictures I took today!
Enjoy it, Guys!
Today the sun is really brighten and it shines through my windows.
That's why these pictures are a bit fuzzy!
How did you guys spend Christmas?
Did you already get everything you wished?
I hope so :)
Me, I just worked my ass off and got only one present of my honey.
The colour is like on the first picture, a bit dark brown.
It's got a really cute flower on the side and a gorgeouse pattern in the inside.
I know it's hard for guys to find the right tase of girls, especially of mine,
but I know he exhert himself for me!
The bag isn't like a shopper but the best thing is i can use it as shoulder bag too!
Here's a zoom at my lovely heels!
I think it isn't that high (10,5cm ~ 4inch) but I love to walk in them!
Especially the golden details are gorgeouse! Here also a zoom at my clutch.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend!
And if you want to, you can hype my looks at Lookbook.nu!
You can find the link on the right side!
Love, Alice.